Super Snacks


I would like to thank you for your products, my daughter is 13 months and has allergies to milk soya wheat gluten and most of your products are great as they have nothing in them she enjoys them so much as well there has been food that she can have but tastes vile but your stuff is ok I’ve even tried some bits and there not bad lol, a giant thank you it’s been so hard finding her food so glad I found Kiddylicious.
Sarah Wedgwood, mummy to holly 13 months


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12 months

Great for refuelling toddlers little tummies whilst on the move and keeping pre-schoolers happy

Superfood snack

A great source of vegetable protein delivering a slow release of energy.

No artificial anything

We don’t need artificial additives to make Kiddylicious snacks tasty, so we don’t use them.