NEW delicious and nutritious meals

Kiddylicious have just launched their latest range of meals for little ones across all major supermarkets, which includes mouthwatering recipes such as macaroni cheese, chicken tikka with rice and cottage pie.  These meals are a great way to encourage self-feeding as well as eating the same dishes as the whole family from 9 months and beyond.

Using cutlery is a new skill for your little one to learn at this important stage in life and these new meals are perfect for little hands to practice on and encourage their independence. They can also help in the transition from traditional baby food to more grown up meals.  Let them have a go at feeding themselves and embrace the mess!


The social aspect of eating together at the dining table is a new event to your little one and wherever possible it’s good to sit down (whether one-to-one or as a family) and eat with your child as they’ll be more likely to enjoy eating their food and mimic your behaviour if they have the opportunity to sit and learn through watching you eat a meal at the same time.


These early days are a great time to introduce a wide variety of foods and flavours, while your little one is more receptive to it. Just remember it can take multiple attempts – particularly with vegetables – to get your little one to accept, embrace and enjoy them. Repeated exposure is key!  The new meals from Kiddylicious are packed with lots of flavour and made with a variety of herbs and spices, again these are great ingredients to have them try, so as to increase their familiarity from an early age.

It’s important for young children from an early age to be encouraged to try a wide variety of foods, to maximise their acceptance and awareness.  WIth a diverse diet, they also have the chance to experience different textures which helps them to learn to bite and chew.  The new Kiddylicious meals are packed with bite size chunks of vegetables and chicken.  Larger chunks are essential to promote a child’s chewing pattern.  This chewing helps promote strength and coordination in the mouth which are required for speech development.

On a final note, Kiddylicious meals have been created with no added salt or sugar as well as each meal containing a minimum of 1 of their 5-a-day!



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