Our team


The bright-spark who had the idea, and mum of two to Hannah & Jack. Being an experienced food scientist who worked at M&S, the British multi-national retailer, for over 11 years, Sally understands the importance of raw material quality, processing, legal things and especially how to make it safe and taste great. Sally is a bit of a foodie too – she loves experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. She’s incredibly passionate about developing great tasting food for babies and kids. This passion led Sally to start Babylicious, the original frozen food for babies, and on to Kiddylicious snacks for babies and beyond.
  • Kate

    NPD Manager
    Recipes queen
  • Nicky

    Technical Mgr
    Ensures all products are safe
  • Sean

    Sales Assistant
    Retail analysis is his thing
  • Simon

    Finance Director
    He is the money man
  • Tamsin

    Design Manager
    A real sharp eye for detail
  • Vanessa

    Marketing Manager
    Tells the world about our products
  • Adeel

    International Sales Manager
    In charge of all matters International
  • Tony

    Operational Director
    Logistic is his middle name
  • Babs

    Finance Assistant
    Up to his eyeballs in account
  • Bart

    Design Assistant
    Cannot stop drawing
  • Danielle

    Stock Manager
    Ensures our products make it onto the shelf
  • Neil M

    Commercial Director
    Innovation and negotiation
  • Sophie

    Office and Customer Care Manager
    Keeps us and our customer happy
  • Neil G

    UK NAM
    Presents our new products
  • Alex

    Marketing Assistant
    Keeps everybody smiling, and social media buzzing