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Prepare for your 3-and-ups change in appetite

As your 3-and-up gets older, their appetite will likely start to change, and you could also be faced with a newly opinionated eater. So, what is the best way to deal with all these unknowns? We’ve put together some ideas to help you through.

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the fundamentals of fussy eating

Our expert panel talks you through the best ways to handle fussy eating in your baby or toddler. They’re also ready with tips on how to make sure your little one is still getting all the nutrition they need while they are going through a fussy phase.

ideas to tackle fussy eating in a berry silhouette

Our experts discuss the best ways to tackle fussy eating. Learn how to help your little one through their fussy phases with distraction, role modelling and reframing food. They’ve also got advice on how to avoid offering alternative meals or bribes.

fussy eating milestones

The experts discuss how your little one’s approach to food might change as they grow and take on new experiences – from starting nursery to fussy phases.

the basics for happy mealtimes

Our Kiddylicious panel looks at all the ways parents can help make mealtimes a positive experience – for them as well as their little ones. Don’t get hung up on the amount they eat, teach them signs for ‘full tummy’, and stop judging the meals you serve up by what you see on social media!

building good habits

Our experts discuss how to get your little ones involved at mealtimes to help create more positive experiences, as well as how best to tackle table manners.

How to handle stressful mealtimes

The panel looks at the best ways to bring some calm back to mealtimes. Sometimes, just taking a breather can really help ­– even if it does mean focusing on the washing up for a few minutes!

8 top tips for mealtimes

When you start to offer your baby their first foods, it’s the beginning of a big journey for them and for you! It can be a little unpredictable, so here are eight easy, everyday things you can do with your baby to help them develop healthy eating habits that’ll last for life.