Dietary and Allergen Advice

We have produced this guide to help you make an informed choice and be sure that the snacks you choose for your child meet their special dietary needs. We appreciate food labelling is complicated and we think it has been made less clear by recent food labelling law changes. Sadly we cannot do anything about the law but we do try to be as helpful as possible If a product does not contain an allergen in the recipe (e.g., lactose), we state it is suitable for lactose intolerant people. If it does contain an allergens in the recipe, by law, this MUST be declared and highlighted on the food packaging. We always clearly label these allergens in our ingredients section and use bold font to make the allergens easy to see at a glance. However, we also consider the manufacturing environment and look at the theoretical risk. If the factory handles the allergen (e.g. Lactose) in other recipes, it is possible the allergen might get be present in the surface of the product – although this is highly unlikely. By law we do not need to refer to the manufacturing environment but we think it is helpful to do so.