About Us

The Kids Food Company is an innovative, privately-owned children’s food company that creates exciting products under the Kiddylicious brand. Based in Buckinghamshire, UK, we are a dynamic team of professional specialists, many of whom are parents, who understand that introducing healthy, tasty foods to babies and toddlers will establish a life-long positive relationship with food. Our ethos is about taking the finest ingredients and transforming them into delicious snacks. We scrutinise our recipes making sure they are suitable and safe for young children. This passion underlines everything we do. Our story began when Sally Preston, a food scientist previously working with Marks & Spencer and a busy mum of two, founded Babylicious, the first commercial frozen baby food available in the UK. The company has since grown to become one of the leading baby and toddler snack providers in the UK. Kiddylicious is a firm favourite with parents and little ones in the UK and is now available in many countries around the world. We love finding and developing simply delicious food for young children, providing parents with great products that their children love to eat.pharma-centre.com


Our history

Feb 23

We launch in China

We are now in China

Oct 07

We shake up first snacks

We revolutionise the rusk category with Wafers – modern, mess free and low sugar. Later in the year; Wafers win The Grocer New Product of the Year award.  

Sep 16

International expansion continues

With 11 lines in Australia, 6 in Norway, Kiddylicious is now available in 18 countries. 

May 26

Sally wins the Everywoman award

Recognising Sally’s inspirational work.

Nov 26

Bespoke packaging for South Korea

Working with our trade partners to bring our yummy snacks to South Korea.

Sep 26

We go international.

Our fruit and vegetable crisps are launched in the USA. 

Jun 26

Not just for toddlers.

A big growth for our range too. We launch our first snacks for younger babies – Fruit Puffs and Flying Saucers for babies from 7 months.

Jun 26

more new products!

lots more choice for customers with wibble wobble jelly, gingerbread buddies and raving raisins.

Apr 25

Double the team, new office!

Big growth for the company this year – we doubled the team and moved to new offices so that we could all fit and have our own desk!  

Feb 25

Smoothie Melts are launched

The first freeze dried fruit snack, which like Wriggles are in portion controlled packs and 100% fruit so count towards one of 5 a day.

Feb 25

the first “squished fruit” range for toddlers

The launch of Fruit Wriggles, the first “squished fruit” range for toddlers and one of 5 a day. Our portion controlled packs and no added sugar are winners with mums.

Feb 17

Fruit Snacks in Morrisons and Tesco

Kiddylicious Fruit Snacks are launched in Morrisons and Tesco with Apple Crisps and Pineapple Snacks.

Nov 04

Kiddylicious is born

Kiddylicious Meals are the first brand for toddlers which set the standard of no added sugar or salt and great taste.

May 31

Sally and babylicious win awards.

HSBC start-up stars.  Best new British product.

Feb 10

Babylicious is born

Sally Preston launches pioneering Babylicious frozen baby food for 4-12 months in Ocado and Waitrose.