Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So what do you mean by slow release energy?

Our Super Snacks are made of pulses and different grains so are a little different to ‘normal’ crisps. Quinoa and Lentils earn their super-grain status by being a great source of vegetable protein that provides a steady release of energy rather than a boost followed by a crash.

Why do we use palm oil in our Fruit Crisps?

We understand the concerns around the sourcing and use of palm oil, and are fully aware of the associated concerns around deforestation and wild life especially orangutan’s.  We insist that every single ingredient we use is sourced from ethical, sustainable and technically competent sources.

We ensure our producers buy from reputable palm oil suppliers who understand the issues regarding deforestation and we only buy from accredited sustainable sources. We have several technical consultants who regularly visit and review all raw material sources to check we are getting exactly what we have specified.

We use palm oil in our products because this is the best oil to make the fruit and vegetables crispy through a special vacuum frying process; we have tried numerous oils and found palm oil to give the best quality.

My child as an allergy, food intolerance or special diet. Are Kiddylicious snacks suitable for him/her?

We take your child’s safety very seriously and want you to be confident that the snacks you give your children are suitable and safe. The most up to date allergen information is available on our website. This information is regularly verified, and updated when necessary. This includes information about the product ingredients and the environments in which they are made and packed.

Why are Kiddylicious products not organic?

There’s a lot of confusion surround this subject, but these are the facts…

All British and European manufacturers of food for children under the age of 3 years old must comply with very strict legislation controlled by the EU. The number of additives and permitted ingredients that can be used is tightly controlled and applies equally whether the food is non-organic or organic

The most recent EU legislation specifies that all baby food (organic and non-organic) must now contain less than 10 parts per billion of food pesticide residue. This is so infinitesimally small it is to all intents and purposes absent. Interestingly Soil Association accredited producers do not even work to these levels! Therefore to comply with the law, our food, whilst it’s not labelled organic, has almost non-existent levels of pesticide residue.

I’m concerned about sugar in your products

At Kiddylicious we are proud of our range of snacks for young children.  They are "healthier than" alternatives to many other types of snacks and confectionery aimed at infants and they are sold in portion controlled packs making them a very convenient choice for parents. 

Wherever possible, our snacks only contain the sugar that is naturally present in the fruits and vegetables which they are made from.  Our Kiddylicious Apple Wriggles, for example, do not contain any added sugar.  Each portion controlled pack contains 7.3g of naturally occurring sugar.  In comparison, an average medium sized fresh apple contains 10.4g of sugar.  A pack of our Kiddylicious Apple Wriggles therefore contains 30% less sugar than a fresh apple, yet they still provide the same level of beneficial minerals, including calcium, iron and potassium.  

They also have a low glycaemic load, which means the blood sugar level does not rise significantly after eating our Wriggles, and young children do not experience a sugar rush, followed minutes later by a sugar crash.

In products where we need to add sugar we keep the quantity to the absolute minimum possible. We choose to use sugar instead of sweeteners as our customers tell us they prefer food that does not include artificial additives. 

How can Wriggles be one portion of fruit?

When we say that one packet of our product is “one portion” you can be assured that at least one child’s sized portion of fruit or vegetables have been used to make the contents of the bag.

As an example, a 12g bag of Kiddylicious Strawberry Fruit Wriggles is made using 87g of fresh fruit. We take out the water to decrease the volume and increase the flavour to create a delicious soft pureé. This means that with 87g of fruit in each pack, Kiddylicious Strawberry Fruit Wriggles exceed Department of Health guidelines which state that an adult portion of fruit should be at least 80g. (A child’s portion is approximately 30g).

If you’re unsure about portion quantities there’s a very easy way to measure. Quite simply, a portion is as much as your child can easily hold in their hand, therefore, a handful! It’s as easy as that!

I've heard about arsenic in the news recently, should I be concerned about your Rice Wafers?

You may have heard in the news that arsenic is present in rice based products. Arsenic is a naturally occurring element which is found in the soil, water and air. This means that plants absorb the arsenic along with other elements when they grow. Rice is more susceptible to absorbing the arsenic from the soil than other grains and cereals due to the way it’s grown. As of the 1st January 2016, a new regulation was introduced which set the maximum limit of inorganic arsenic in any rice destined for use in food for children under three years old as 0.1mg/kg. This is lower than the limits in place for other foods.

Food safety is of paramount importance to us at Kiddylicious. We always ensure that our products comply with any relevant regulations and we have had our Kiddylicious Wafers analysed at an external accredited laboratory to check the level of inorganic arsenic present. We can confirm that our Wafers, which are our only product containing rice, contain much lower levels of inorganic arsenic than the new stated maximum.

Please be assured that our products are perfectly safe for your little ones to enjoy.