Smoothie Melts


I’d just like to thank-you for helping me overcome my fear of giving my son snacks. I’ve always been terrified of him choking, although he never has, and thanks to a recommendation to try your products I’ve never seen a happier more content baby. I now let him pick up his own food and feed himself whereas before I would always hold onto any food and try and feed him which was counterproductive and made a very frustrated baby who wanted to learn! If it wasn’t for your melt in the mouth wafers and…
Michelle Mooney


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Gluten Free

We have very strict controls to ensure the product is free from gluten in the recipe and processing environment because we know this is important to you.

12 months

Great for refuelling toddlers little tummies whilst on the move and keeping pre-schoolers happy

No added sugar

Does not contain any artificial sweeteners or processed / refined sugar (called sucrose), only naturally occurring fruit sugar (fructose).

No artificial additives

We don’t need artificial additives to make Kiddylicious snacks tasty, so we don’t use them.

One of Five a Day

Each bag contains small child’s portion of fruit or veg. A portion of fruit to equivalent to the amount of fruit they can hold in their hand.