Why Wafers Are So Important

Why Wafers Are So Important!

In today’s adult world, snacking in between meals can often be perceived as something quite negative. But in the exciting world of baby – where everything is new and yet to be discovered – finger food snacks are in fact bursting with developmental benefits and with 4 million eaten each month; Kiddylicious Wafers are the obvious choice.

*(Winner Baby Food Category, Survey 11,697 people by TNS)

Here is why it’s important for your little ones to eat finger food snacks.

  • Improved tongue control – this can help babies learn how to chew and swallow and to move foods from side to side in their mouth
  • Taste-bud development – allowing them to recognise which flavours they like and dislike (essential for exploration and food acceptance as well as stopping fussy eaters)
  • Hand-mouth co-ordination – enabling them to learn how to self-feed by practicing their pincer grip
  • Practice using all the mouth, lip and jaw muscles – helping speech development

And now introducing….’My First Wafer’



Combining fruit and veg flavours into an easy to hold Wafer, which dissolves easily, Kiddylicious ‘My First Wafer’ is the ideal way to introduce your little one to solid snacks.
Subtly flavoured with sweet potato & banana, and carrot & apple, My First Wafer will allow your little one to start developing their taste buds as well as their mouth, lip and jaw muscles. A great way to promote a healthy attitude towards eating.

Available to buy from Morrisons and Ocado for £1.30

Or buy a 3 box bundle from our online shop for £3.90