Fun activities while staying at home

At Kiddylicious, we’re all about having fun and being playful! We know how easy it can be to run out of ideas at home, so we put together some fun posts which went out on our social pages to help provide some inspiration for fun games, which the whole family can enjoy together!

These posts included:

  • Exploring the garden – why not turn the garden into a fun safari experience and see how many different creepy crawlies your little one can spot – a FUN and a great learning game for little explorers.


  • Building a fort – this brings endless hours of fun for little ones. We all know how much little ones love our green goody boxes so imagine a whole fort! It can even become a good space to take toys into and play, giving you a little down time (for that much needed cup of tea!)


  • Dancing – staying active whilst having fun with your little ones is key during this time! Why not learn a dance to your favourite song – whether it be a Beyoncé hit or Baby Shark!

  • Painting & Drawing – a fun and creative way to keep your little one occupied while at home. We have seen some amazing and colourful creations, including rainbows and flowers.


  • Baking – a fun and YUMMY activity to do with your little ones. From muffins to cookies and cakes – there are so many tasty options!


  • Fun plates – creating a fun plate with your little one is another fun thing to do while staying indoors. Can you make a lion’s mane out of Veggie Straws or a beautiful butterfly using Wafers, get creative!

Remember our snacks are great for topping up little tummies when it’s time for a much needed break from these fun activities! Please tag us in your posts if we have inspired you – we love to see what you are all up to! 😊



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