How playtime helps your little one’s development


How playtime helps your little one’s development

Dr Jacqueline Harding MA Cert Ed SFHEA


Little ones love to play and… what’s more…it’s so good for them. In fact, it’s essential to their development. So, a variety of toys that are perfect for their age will do wonders for their all-round development, such as cognition, language and their developing sense of who they are – character formation.


And, because the quality of a child’s human relationships in the early years lays the foundation for a wide range of later developmental outcomes that really matter (such as self-confidence and motivation to learn (perseverance), then having you join in the play is the perfect ‘setup’ for their future.

To be honest, you just being you close by while they are playing makes the greatest contribution because childhood is filled with emotions. Stated simply, the emotional state of young children directly influences how they learn. So, the chance to practice sharing, taking turns, and managing their own impulses is all presented during play time.


Great toys set the scene for these kind of learning experiences. Just be on hand to make sure they are safe at all times and can gain the maximum benefits – laugh with them, smile at them, clap your hands to celebrate…this all encourages the effort they make when experimenting with new playthings.

Children’s brains develop remarkably quickly from birth to three years (studies show their brains are making around a million neural connections each second!). So, every second really does count when they are little and it’s great to know that a wide range of sensory and motor toys and experiences can actually help shape those changes in the brain (especially in terms of imagination and creativity). Little children need to see, touch and feel their way around their fascinating world. That’s where safe playthings are just perfect for them.





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