Salt Awareness Week

This week it’s Salt Awareness Week, an issue which is close to our hearts at Kiddylicious HQ.  As children’s health & wellbeing is our priority, we have an ongoing programme to continuously improve all of our products and are constantly looking for different ways in which we can reduce the levels of salt.

Our Wafers now contain NO SALT AT ALL and recently we reduced the salt values in the Veggie Straws by 40%. Unfortunately the old packaging (containing the new product with lower salt values) is still on the shelf while we use up the old film (we’re an environmentally aware company and wouldn’t want the old packaging to simply be sent to landfill!)  *

Product Safety

Did you know that sometimes salt has to be added to products to make them safe? (i.e. it serves a functional benefit). We work with independent nutritionist Laura Matthews, who advises us on the content of our new products and has commented:  Kiddylicious will never include salt in their recipes for taste purposes; it’s simply put there for functional objectives. As per their continued commitment to children’s health, they only add the minimum amount required.  The salt in the Veggie Straws, for example, helps them to puff up and develop their unique texture; thus ensuring that the product is not a choking hazard.  

Salt in large quantities is most certainly bad, however, what’s important to remember is we only add the minimum amount required to make our products safe for little ones and to provide a suitable texture. Much like when you make bread, salt is necessary to the process so the dough is consistent in texture.

Misleading Labeling 

Whilst many food companies quote salt value per 100g it’s actually very misleading because we would never advocate a child eats 100g – all of our snacks are portion-controlled / in single-serve packs and the Veggie Straws portion suggestion is 12g.  In other words, we wouldn’t recommend that children eat 100g of Veggie Straws in a week, let alone in one sitting…!

*Please see our up to date back of pack ingredients list and nutritional panel for Veggie & Cheesy Straws below. These are the correct sugar and salt contents. 



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