Sugar Awareness Week 2018

This week is National Sugar Awareness Week 2018 and it’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves of the different types of sugar and the types of food and drink that can contain large quantities of added sugar.

The term ‘free sugars’ is commonly used to describe sugars that are added to food and drink, as well as sugar that is found naturally in honey, fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates. Whereas naturally occurring sugars are as they suggest, found naturally in items such as milk, vegetables and fruit and we don’t need to cut down on these types of foods, due to the other beneficial nutrients they provide such as vitamins and minerals.

Food and drink such as cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks are often high in added sugar and their frequent consumption is linked with an increased risk in tooth decay and they typically offer little other nutrients.

We understand that your little ones like a delicious tasty snack and by swapping out an original rusk for Kiddylicious wafers the total sugar content is reduced by 90%! By swapping 1 iced biscuit for a packet of Kiddylicious coconut rolls your little ones will consume 52% less total sugar. Swapping out a jaffa cake for a packet of Kiddylicious chocolate splashed rice cakes (suitable from 12 months) will provide 59% less total sugar. Our rice cakes contain wholegrain rice and are portion controlled. This means that the nutrition information of our products represents one portion that can be consumed in one sitting, so as a parent you don’t need to worry about your little one having multiple servings by mistake.

Also it’s good to know that in line with the latest Public Health England Change4Life campaign which encourages parents to select ‘100 calorie snacks, 2 a day max’, all Kiddylicious snacks are developed to be less than 100 calories per serving.


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