Our Top Tips this Easter

Snack Right this Easter

It’s Spring, which means two things – Easter and warmer weather. And with warm weather comes more people making the most of the longer and sunnier days by going out and about with friends and family.

We have put together some top tips and snack swaps, to help you have a yummy, healthy time whilst out and about this Spring…

  1. Refuelling – Snacks play an important role in little ones diet as it’s hard for them to get all the nutrients they need just from 3 main meals a day. This is because they’ve only got small tummies and so need to eat regularly. 3 meals and 2 snacks is a useful pattern to follow, but do be led by your little ones appetite and never force them to eat.


  1. Portion Control – Did you know, a toddler’s tummy is a third of the size of an adults? Little tummies need to be kept topped up, especially while on the go, therefore they should not go for more than 3 hours without eating. Our snacks are the ideal solution for keeping your little one topped up, as they’re perfect to pop in your bag for when you’re out and about. At Kiddylicious we make it easy by ensuring our snacks come in portion controlled packs. We make it simple – one pack represents one portion. The nutrition information on Kiddylicious snacks represents the amount contained in the pack, which can be consumed in one sitting, so you don’t need to worry about your little one having multiple servings by mistake.


  1. Snack Swap – Try not to let your little one graze on chocolate all day over Easter. Where you can, stick to their usual eating routine. Snacking on nutritious snacks is still important, and offers them an energy boost until their next meal. 2 snacks each day are generally recommended for growing toddlers. For a healthier but still chocolatey treat, try the our Chocolate Splashed Rice Cakes (suitable from 12 months), they contain wholegrain rice and are portion controlled.


  1. Check labels – There’s nothing secret about what goes into our products. To help parents make better choices we put clear, honest labels on our food. We know it can be difficult for parents, especially when the information on packaging can be confusing. Therefore, our clear labelling shows that there are no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours in our products.


  1. Healthier alternatives – It can often be difficult to find delicious yet nutritious snacks for little ones. Which is why we’ve put together some helpful snack swaps to keep your little one happy and healthy this Easter. By swapping out an original Rusk for our Wafers the total sugar content consumed is reduced by 90%! By swapping 1 iced biscuit for a packet of our Coconut Rolls your little ones will consume 52% less total sugar. Swapping out a Jaffa cake for a packet of our Chocolate Splashed Rice Cakes (suitable from 12 months) will provide 59% less total sugar.


  1. Finally, Spring is a good time to get children active outdoors whether in your garden or local park. You could help them to organise an egg and spoon race with friends or try hunting for different insects, or learning the names of common flowers. Introducing children to gardening at a young age is good to help them understand where their food comes from. For example, try growing a salad crop to increase their interest in healthy food.


We hope that you find these top tips useful and have a Happy Easter, while making healthier choices for your little one. Check out the snacks page on our website to see our full range of snacks.



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