Top Weaning Tips, as told by you!

It can be a little scary and confusing but very exciting, when it comes to weaning your little one. It’s a journey of exploration for both them and you! We asked you to share your top weaning tips for happy and successful weaning. Here they are:


  • Don’t be pressured into doing it one way or another. Baby Lead weaning, spoon feeding, purees, organic, shop bought. Whatever works best for you and your family will be best for baby.


  • Freeze pre steamed/blended vegetable in ice cube trays, it’s the perfect amount for little mouths.


  • Start on normal porridge and mashed consistency foods straight away at 6m! Our LB accepts all textures except smooth/runny!


  • Let them try food off your plate. Keep Kiddylicious in your change bag and keep baby happy with them.


  • Give whatever you eat but smaller portions cut up always have a Kiddylicious snack available just in case.


  • Keep it happy. Keep it calm. Ignore the mess and let them explore.


  • Lower your expectations and get a dog!


  • Accept that food will always be everywhere from now on


  • Batch cook meals for weaning


  • Let them eat what “you’ve got” (even if it’s theirs, let them think it’s for you) My LB wants everything I have!


  • Boil the kettle and fill a cup with the hot water, then pop some cherry or baby plum tomatoes in for a few seconds. Strain off the water and then easy peasy, peel the skin off, ready to chop for your little toothless-wonder to munch on!


  • Just go with it! No pressure.


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