Sophie Pickles

Early Years Child Development Specialist

As a qualified teacher, mum, parenting coach and all-round Early Years expert, Sophie has a wealth of practical, real life experience to share with parents.


Dr. Stephanie Ooi

General Practitioner

As a mum of two and a registered GP, Stephanie has seen more than her fair share of little ones! She has lots of practical tips and professional know-how on hand to help parents.


Laura Matthews


Laura is our nutrition whizz – bringing her expert advice and experience from working with chefs, schools and nurseries to the Kiddylicious expert panel.


Weaning in warmer weather


Weaning in warmer weather is great, because you can feed them outside. Weaning outside is a million times easier!


In terms of the clear up!


Yes, and because if it’s hot, you can just put them outside with just a nappy on. They can get messy and then just go straight into the bath. In the winter, I wouldn’t do that, I think you’d use long-sleeved bibs. Temperature-wise, I think it’s a huge advantage to be weaning in the warmer months.


Even if you’re inside, knowing that you can dress them in fewer clothes is more advantageous. In the winter, you don’t want to take their jumper off because they’ll be too cold – but you also don’t want spaghetti sauce all over it!


Thinking about spring and summer, I guess the weaning journey can be so different for everyone. People will approach it in different ways and people have lots of different experiences.

On any given day, how your baby is feeling can change their appetite and that’s totally normal. This varies in every baby but certainly milk requirements might go up a little during the warmer months and they might be less interested in food when it’s really hot. Some might go from eating a full portion to half a portion. Sometimes they will miss whole meals and ask for a drink instead or a bit of fruit. You have to bear in mind that it could be that they’re not feeling well, or they’re teething, so other factors that could be at play.

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