Weaning while staying home


We are living in a period of sudden uncertainty right now, and if you have a baby approaching the weaning stage it’s an added pressure to consider with the challenges around access and availability to food and ingredients.

My TOP TIPS to cope and successfully work through the weaning stage:

● If access to fresh fruit and vegetables is limited, make use of tinned and
frozen fruits and vegetables. These are great options at any time of year,
not just when availability to fresh is poor. Use tinned fruit in juice, rather
than syrup, due to no added sugar. Frozen broccoli, spinach and
cauliflower are great bitter vegetables to offer as first foods at the start of
the weaning journey.

● Dairy foods – ideally opt for full fat plain unsweetened yoghurt, if choice is
limited at present, opt for yoghurt with the lowest sugar content. Cheese is
also a great nutritious first food to offer from 6 months.

● Milk – If fresh cow’s milk is unavailable, ultra high temperature (UHT) long
life milk is fine to use, both in cooking and added to foods.

● Protein foods; if you have access to eggs they are a good versatile
ingredient that can be used in a variety of foods such as pancakes,
omelettes or just simple scrambled egg and are a source of protein. Other
options include tinned and frozen fish (check for bones), if you can’t get
fresh. Make sure to use tinned fish in oil or water, rather than in brine due
to increased salt content. Beans and lentils are great ingredients to bulk
out stews, sauces and soups to make them go further.

● Carbohydrate foods; as ever make use of store cupboard staples such as
pasta, couscous and rice. Bread obviously has a short shelf life, so be sure
to freeze it on purchase and defrost as and when needed so as not to
waste any. Toast is a great first finger food! Breakfast cereals are also
useful nutritious ambient foods, including wheat biscuits and porridge oats
(make sure to use super smooth or milled oats for young babies) which
are low in salt and sugar.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and remember that
Kiddylicious products are still widely available during this time to help you with your feeding journey.



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