Emma Ahern, highlights the importance of chunks in baby food

We’ve worked closely with Emma Ahern, Pediatric Speech & Language Therapist, to highlight the importance of chunks in baby food and how our new Little Bistro range can help your little one on the way to saying their first word.

From around 7 months onwards, babies are generally ready to accept and manage soft, lumpier textures and it is important to gradually build on these by introducing new flavours and more advanced textures as they move through the weaning learning curve.

Why are chunks so important?

It’s always good to offer your little one food which includes soft, manageable chunks. Having soft chunks in their meals actively encourages chewing and tongue movement when they eat. This in turn promotes the development of the strength and coordination of their lips, tongue and jaw, which are essential for clear speech development and word formation in the future.

Did you know?

Adequately sized chunks (approx 8mm for little ones who are 7 months) aren’t able to pass through a spout? This means that spouts are restricting the range of textures and chunks that your little one is consuming.

Our Little Bistro range has been created with your little one’s future in mind. That’s why we’ve purposefully chosen to not use spouts.

With Little Bistro, your little one can be introduced to appropriate textures (i.e. small chunks, gradually moving up to more adult-like chunks) in their diet for their developmental stages, therefore giving them the best opportunity to increase their tolerance and acceptance of foods. This in turn will reduce the risk of them becoming fussy eaters as well as promote the strength and coordination of their facial muscles for speech development and saying that all important first word.

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