We’ve thought of everything when it comes to #FeedingTheirFuture

The first few years of your little ones life are by far the most important – they’re developing new skills all the time. Of course, as parents you want to support this development in any way you can; from stimulating toys and exciting baby groups, to reading stories and singing along to nursery rhymes. But have you thought about when it comes to the food your little one eats?
Our new Little Bistro meals support your little ones future development right from day one of weaning. How, you might ask, does it do this?

1.  Bigger chunks encourage speech development

At around the 7 months mark it’s important to introduce soft chunks of vegetables, rice and pasta to encourage chewing. This  encourages the development of the strength and coordination of their lips, tongue and jaw, which are essential for clear speech development and word formation in the future.

2.  No spouts encourage speech and protect teeth

Our Little Bistro meals are available in handy microwavable pouches which purposefully don’t feature spouts, to allow the meal to contain larger, yet soft, chunks of food. Dental experts claim that prolonged use of spouts can distort young teeth and displace the tongue, potentially leading to the need for orthodontics in the future and hindering their speech development. Spouts also allow acidic liquid, being sucked from a pouch, to pool behind little ones teeth, creating an unhealthy oral environment and encouraging enamel erosion.

3. Low acidity prevents enamel erosion

Many baby meals contain high fruit content, which isn’t always clearly labelled, causing the food to be very acidic and harmful to young teeth. Our Little Bistro range isn’t sweetened with fruit sugars, but instead is packaged with veggies, to protect tiny teeth for the future. We are also totally transparent (not only with our pouches, but with our labeling too).


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