Your Questions Answered

We ran our first ever LIVE weaning chat with our nutritionist, Charlotte, and you guys asked questions about first foods, good eating habits and lots more. 

We have collated some of your questions, and Charlotte’s response below (more to follow soon!) 

My husband and I don’t eat red meat. Would you recommend we include red meat in our baby’s diet? 

If you’re wanting your baby to eat meat then it’s fine to include it in baby’s diet and you could include some red meat as part of this. If you don’t eat red meat or want your baby to have it then that is fine too. Opt for other iron and protein rich foods such as chicken, fish, lentils, beans instead. Remember variety is key with children so try and offer a variety of foods (including different meats) over the week. The Kiddylicious Little Bistro range is all fortified with iron too, so if you do opt for those know that there is iron added in (which also comes from meat). Charlotte

My daughter eats so well in the day breakfast lunch etc but comes to dinner and she refuses to eat dinner every single time what can I do to make her eat dinner?

This is actually really common with babies too. It just means that she’s really comfortable with those first meals and just learning to be full for her evening meal. All babies have very different appetites and so your little one may just not be too hungry for this mealtime. Keep offering it, so that she gets into a pattern of eating and eventually she’ll start taking bits (how old is she now?). Try to make sure there is a nice gap before dinner without food, so she can build up some hunger, but for now focus on light meals or even just a few simple finger foods. Try not to put pressure on to eat and if possible bring her to the table and let her see you eating with her too. This should help encourage her to eat more at dinner. Charlotte

I plan on doing baby led weaning, what are the best foods to give first? 🙂 thank you!

There are plenty of options for finger foods. Very well cooked, soft veggies are great, also soft fruit such as banana, melon and mango are good too. Other foods such as bread and even melt in the mouth wafers can be useful too as first finger foods. Charlotte.

How do I encourage my baby to be more independent with eating?

This is a great question and one that a few of you are obviously interested in. The best way to encourage independence is to focus on finger foods at mealtimes. Try and offer these (alongside spoon feeding if you wish) at most meals and encourage your baby to take them and feed themselves. Lead by example and try and let them see you taking them and eating them yourselves too. You could always try giving them the spoon towards the end of the meal and let them play with, lick or taste bits of food on the end. It won’t happen over night but keep trying and they will get there! Charlotte.




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