Diary of a combination weaner

Sarah is on a mission to get baby Timothée (6 and a half months) enjoying food with his family – she’s currently combining two meals a day with his milk feeds.  

Take a look at a week in the life of their weaning journey. 

Sarah Ruiz and her husband Abdo welcomed their baby Timothée six and a half months ago and started to wean him just before he turned six months. Starting off with two weeks of single vegetable purées, they have since started to mix different flavours together and Sarah has decided to focus on a combination of purées for spoonfed weaning and some elements of baby-led weaning too. Sarah has tried many of the recipes from Joe Wicks’ book, Wean in 15 

Timothée is currently having two meals a day in addition to his milk feeds,” says Sarah. “He has loved most of the foods we have given him so far and I am looking forward to trying out lots and lots of different tastes as we head into the summer. 

“For now, he is having meals that I cook from a couple of baby recipe books that I have. However, sometimes I make something that we can all eat together if the recipe is suitable and if it looks tasty. The idea is to get him eating the same thing as us soon! Both Abdo and I love cooking, so we’re really enjoying the weaning journey with him so far. 



Breakfast: Plain homemade porridge (rolled oats cooked with milk) with a bit of peanut butter mixed in for a bit of protein. Timothée has loved most of his food so far but I think his favourite one has been porridge! 

Lunch: Rice with courgettes and cheese, plus a tiny bit of egg to discover if he has an allergy; this was his first time having some egg. So far, so good! 



Breakfast: Porridge with almond butter and some juicy sliced strawberries – he LOVED IT. Porridge has swiftly become a favourite for breakfast and we try to switch it up with different fruits each day. 

Lunch: Avocado and basil purée, served cold. He liked this, even though I thought it might be quite a strong flavour. He seems to enjoy most of the things I have cooked for him so far and the only thing he hasn’t liked at all so far has been mushrooms. We’ll try those another time.  



Breakfast: Banana pancakes with a with bit of yogurt and some smashed berries. He found the pancakes a little bit difficult to manage, as they got squashed in his hands! 

Lunch: Courgette, pea and mint puréthat I had made before and stored in the freezer.  



Breakfast: Porridge with raspberries. This was his first-time trying raspberries and I think he was a bit surprised by them! He enjoyed picking them up and mushing them into his mouth.  

Lunch: Avocado and butterbean mash. This was left over from a previous meal and I had frozen it. He didn’t seem to enjoy it as much warm though – I had offered it to him cold the time before. He also had a couple spoons of mango purée 



Breakfast: Porridge with raspberries and blueberries – he’s getting more adventurous with his fruit! 

Lunch: Broccoli, courgette and sweet potato purée. I had leftover vegetables to use up, so just mixed it all together. He also tried broccoli and avocado as finger foods, plus a couple of spoons of mango puréagain.  



Breakfast: Banana pancakes again, this time served with yogurt to dip them into. He liked being able try doing this himself, though I tried to guide his hands to avoid too much mess.  

Lunch: Today he ate some scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes and turmeric for flavour. I also gave him a Kiddylicious banana wafer to help him to practice eating finger foodsTimothée always wants to hold the spoon himself now, so we do end up with food everywhere! 



Breakfast: This morning, we tried some plain yogurt mixed with apple purée. 

Lunch: We gave him a puree, as we were outside. This one had peas, broccoli and pear in it, which he enjoyed, probably because it’s quite sweetHe also had a snack of some Kiddylicious Fruity Puffs that kept him going until we got home for a milk feed. I’m really looking forward to giving him some watermelon when they come into season this summer.  



Breakfast: Porridge with cashew butter, as I am trying to spot potential new allergens. He actually cried this morning when I took the bowl away, so he is definitively a fan of his porridge. 

Lunch: I gave him some Kiddylicious wafers to keep him occupied while I was cooking and to help him practice eating finger foods! Then he had a small portion of red lentils mixed with cauliflower, turmeric and kale. He only had a couple of spoonfuls, because I think the texture was a bit surprising for him. We’ll try this one again soon, as there was lots left over that I put in the freezer. I like to use herbs and spices in his food – we use a lot in ours, so I want him to get used to them. 



Breakfast: Coconut yogurt today, with some mashed blueberries. They are always a hit.  

Lunch: He had whizzed up veggies – including some cauliflower and butterbeans. It meant a really easy meal for me and I could cook something a bit more adventurous for our own dinner.  



Breakfast: He had some plain yogurt with a couple of mashed blueberries in it. He seemed to like the alternative to porridge.  

Lunch: Today I made a chickpea and cauliflower curry served with couscous. He wasn’t a fan of the texture at all and only had a couple of spoonfuls. However, he loved grabbing at the food and a lot of it ended up on the floor and the walls! He then had some pear purée for dessert.