1. Don’t be pressured into doing it one way or another. Whether that’s baby-led weaning, spoon-feeding, purees, organic, or shop bought. Whatever works best for you and your family will be best for baby.

  2. Freeze pre-steamed/blended vegetables in ice cube trays, it’s the perfect amount for little mouths.

  3. Let them try food off your plate. And keep Kiddylicious in your change bag so you can keep your baby happy with them.

  4. Give your little one whatever you eat, but in smaller, cut-up portions. Always have a Kiddylicious snack available just in case.

  5. Keep it happy and keep it calm. Just ignore the mess and let them explore.

  6. Lower your expectations and get a dog! Great for tidying up the bits that hit the floor!

  7. Accept that food will always be everywhere and anywhere from now on…

  8. Batch cook meals for weaning to save yourself time.

  9. Let them eat what you’ve got (even if it’s theirs, let them think it’s yours). My little one wants everything I have…

  10. For speed, boil the kettle and fill a cup with the water, then pop some cherry or baby plum tomatoes in there for a few seconds. Strain off the water, peel the skin off, and chop them up for your little toothless wonder to munch on. Easy peasy!